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Jun 26, 2023

Ford's Offering A Matte

By Published One thing Ford has always been famous for is something Henry Ford said back in the early days: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it’s black.” Since



One thing Ford has always been famous for is something Henry Ford said back in the early days: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it’s black.”

Since those days, automakers have introduced a lot more options. Sure, it’s a little less efficient to offer those options, but drivers often want to express themselves and not have the same old car as everyone else around them. The pallet of colors you’d actually see on the road over the decades has varied a lot, with past decades showing a lot more color, and with present vehicles tending to be more reserved and boring.

But, regardless of the popularity of other colors, black has remained as a very common and beloved automotive color over the years. And, as technology improves and people experiment with things like vinyl wraps, the kinds of blacks available in the automotive world has steadily increased. We’re now at the point where “so long as it’s black” could mean more than just one thing!

So, it’s no surprise that Ford would get in on the action by offering a vinyl-wrapped flat black version of the F-150 Lighting straight from the factory, and with a variety of special features to accompany it.

“Ford is no stranger to limited-edition vehicles – and the F-150 Lightning Platinum Black is taking our award-winning electric truck to new levels of stealth and style,” said Dave Pericak, director, Ford EV truck programs. “This is the perfect choice for those customers looking to make a statement.”

Ford plans to only build 2,000 of this special version of the Lightning, and will sell it for $97,995. At this pricepoint, it will feature the extended-range version of the battery, making for a 300-mile EPA range.

Exterior features on the truck include:

Special Interior Features Include:

While not specifically black or special edition, this nearly-$100,000 truck has the high-end features more expensive versions of the Lighting tend to include.

Ford BlueCruise, version 1.2, enables hands-free highway driving with Lane Change Assist. This feature allows the driver to change lanes without manual intervention by simply tapping the turn signal when the path is clear. In-Lane Repositioning helps maintain the vehicle’s lane position while subtly moving away from adjacent vehicles. The updated BlueCruise graphics in the digital cluster provide visual cues for assisted hands-free lane changes and in-lane adjustments, such as avoiding large semi trucks.

In addition, the truck offers an optimized towing setup experience that enhances convenience and efficiency. With its intelligent system, the truck automatically recognizes when a trailer is connected and seamlessly switches to the tow haul drive mode, ensuring optimal performance for towing. And when the trailer is disconnected, the truck effortlessly reverts back to the previous drive mode, providing a smooth transition for everyday driving.

Finally, with Walk Away Locking, customers can effortlessly lock their vehicle using a passive key or their authorized phone via Phone As A Key. This innovative feature provides added convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that your vehicle is securely locked when you step away. Say goodbye to the worry of forgetting to lock your car, as Walk Away Locking has got you covered!

In the truck’s bed, the Platinum Black features the most powerful (9.6 kW) version of Pro Power Onboard, offering 120V and 240V plugs that can be used to power job sites, campsites, or your house during power outages.

“Seventy percent of adults globally believe that their actions can influence positive change,” said Jennifer Brace, chief futurist, Ford Motor Company. “The F-150 Lightning serves as a beacon of hope for people because they can rely on the electric truck to provide power to those in need or keep the lights on at home during an outage in the neighborhood.”

In the past, there were several aftermarket car accessories that have become standard equipment in modern vehicles. Power windows were initially introduced as aftermarket accessories in the early 20th century. However, they have now become a standard feature in most cars, providing convenience and ease of use for passengers.

Air conditioning was once considered a luxury add-on for cars. But, today, it is a standard feature in almost all new vehicles, providing comfort during hot summers and improving overall driving experience.

Keyless entry systems, which allow drivers to unlock their cars remotely without using a physical key, were initially aftermarket accessories. Nowadays, they are commonly integrated into the design of new vehicles.

Bluetooth technology was initially introduced as an aftermarket option for hands-free calling and audio streaming. Today, it has become a standard feature in most cars, enabling drivers to connect their smartphones to the vehicle’s infotainment system wirelessly.

Rearview cameras were initially available as aftermarket accessories to improve visibility when reversing. However, they are now mandatory in all new cars in many countries, enhancing safety by helping drivers avoid accidents while backing up.

In recent decades, “murdering out” or doing a “blackout” on a car involved making as many things as possible black. In the aftermarket world, everything from smoked headlights and tail lights to covering up all contrasting or chrome trim in black to getting the darkest tint available (legal or not) led to some really cool looking custom cars, at least when done right.

More recently, vehicle wraps (including blackout jobs) have become very common in the aftermarket, with matte colors instead of gloss being a very common way to stand out.

Both of these are now starting to enter the mainstream and even come from the factory. Ford’s responding to evolving customer demand.

Featured image by Ford.

Jennifer Sensiba is a long time efficient vehicle enthusiast, writer, and photographer. She grew up around a transmission shop, and has been experimenting with vehicle efficiency since she was 16 and drove a Pontiac Fiero.She likes to get off the beaten path in her "Bolt EAV" and any other EVs she can get behind the wheel or handlebars of with her wife and kids.You can find her on Twitter here,Facebook here, andYouTube here.

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